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BY: Charlotte Christian


Search Engine Optimization and marketing are the first steps of the client acquisition process.  The follow-up is the most important second step of the process.  Getting clients to our websites is a difficult task; then, getting them to stay on the website, stay with the firm and walk in the door is the ultimate goal.  To meet this goal, my firm has implemented a follow-up process through Infusionsoft.   Numerous follow-up programs exist on the market, too many to name, but my best advice is to choose a service, spend the time to implement it, and then let the follow-up process work while you sleep and are away from your desk.


Most websites cast out some type of “bait.”  My bait is a free download of one of my books. I will explore the free book at a later time. (We all can produce a book). The book’s title, The Six Biggest Mistakes People Make When Filing for Divorce, is one that attracts many prospective clients’ attention. My Book Potential clients can download the book in exchange for giving me their email addresses.  The hooks are then set.  My objective after getting the email addresses is simply to convince the individuals that my firm is the best option for them and that no further exploration or search for an attorney is necessary.  I give them information they need to know.  After all, those individuals are looking for an attorney, and I should be able to convince them that they have “stumbled” upon the divorce attorney who knows their questions before they ask.


Immediately after the potential clients download the book, Infusionsoft begins a process: the potential clients receive personalized emails, delivered through my CRM program from me, which thank them for the download and offer any assistance they might need immediately.  My email asks, “Can I help you?” (I’ll be happy to share any of my email follow-ups with COLT members).  My next email to those potential clients goes out six hours later, asks if they have had an opportunity to review the site, and instructs them to email me if they have any questions.  I explain that I know their needs may be urgent and that they may desire that pressing questions be answered immediately.  Then the follow-up steps continue through seven different steps.

Free Downloads

I email the prospective clients the next day, offering them another “free download” just for them.  My basic objective is to give potential clients significant information to solidify in their minds that I am the expert in my field.  Two days later, I send them a FAQ pamphlet, again attempting to cover any questions or concerns they may have not wanted to ask initially.  Seven days after they download the book, I send another correspondence-just checking in and reminding them to ask about any concerns or situations they might want me to address.  After I have completed the seven “touches” with potential clients, 60% have made an appointment with my firm.  Once they make appointments, we trigger them into a new follow-up campaign in Infusionsoft, giving them assurance of professional assistance, directions to our firm, client testimonials, etc.  Once they have made appointments, they receive a “what to expect” brochure through emails that explains what they can expect from the moment they enter the door of the office until the end of their consultations.  My group and I are focused on customer service and make that area a priority.   If the potential clients do not make an appointment, we do not simply drop them from our campaign.  We continuously campaign them so that they can tell others about us.  Those persons’ names are placed on our monthly newsletter and holiday email distribution lists.

Relationship Programs

I would suggest that attorneys research the numerous customer relationship management programs which are available.  Infusionsoft seems to be a heavy weight in the CRM arena.  I will admit that I have an individual on my staff who has spent training time with Infusionsoft and understands how to build campaigns.  I would suggest this course of action for all of you.  Another excellent, yet less complex, platform is Blue Orchid.  The representatives at Blue Orchid are extremely helpful and understand the need for successful attorneys to build follow-up campaigns.  Two other programs available are Mailchimp and Constant Contact.  You will find a wide range of services and price points, but my best advice is to select one, stay with it, spend the time to build a follow-up process, and implement your management plan.

Follow Up

“What’s up” with the follow-up?  From my follow-up actions, I acquire many clients and build many other connections.  We lawyers hunt in a dog-eat-dog world.   Attorneys have established offices in cities, towns, and even small communities all across the United States.  Make your firms and you unique so that you stand above the rest.  Educate your clients and give them reasons to ultimately walk through your door first.

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