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By: Andre van Wyk – The original title of this post was actually about “Guest Posting”, but we have decided to move away from that terminology altogether! Why? Because the majority of people use so called guest posting as an article marketing tool, which when you think about it, that is all it is and all it will ever be – assuming you are providing guest posts simply to get that link back to your site.

So lets coin a new phrase – “Sharing your Knowledge”, and as a professional, educated, expert etc etc attorney that takes an active interest in their law firm, their marketed image and the end user, it is not hard to imagine that “Sharing Your Knowledge” is exactly what you are doing! But without the sole aim of getting an unnaturally appearing link back to your site.

Quality includes, but is not limited to value, transparency, accountability, credibility, relevance, and authenticity. Those who aim to achieve quality don’t forcibly throw themselves at their audience with questionable practices or create risk for their audience. Instead, these agents of quality adopt a method that increases awareness in who they are and what they do or provide: branding. Ezine Articles Blog

Reader ValueMoving away from the guest posting mindset requires a little insight on the “author’s” part in that writing style, angle and ultimate objective may need to be adjusted for any one particular publishing platform. This is because you may be writing for an entirely different audience – an example being writing about lawyer marketing in Florida as opposed to lawyer marketing in New York State. The Florida bar may be more stringent in written content, whereas the New York State bar may be more lenient – mentioned as an example or illustration only. But in that example if you are sharing experiences with your peers, or even advising clientele in what may be the best option, needs to take into account the end user of the material you are offering up for consumption. This would deal with the issue of relevance, and case examples or even actual occurences can be linked here, whether it be to a competitor site, regulatory site or even your own – focus on this relevance and the flow of the writing to your audience.

Let us also not forget the article formatting we discussed previously – which in and of itself provides a lot of user benefits too, in terms of appearing as a well thought out and present article, and which serves to keep the reader interested and engaged with your content.

The issue of quality cannot be overstated! If you are putting your name, your firm’s name or whoever’s onto the writing that is part of your branding, part of your marketing and utlimately goes towards establishing yourself, or the continual branding of yourself as the knowlegeable professional you really are. In the event of having the opprotunity of sharing your knowledge on a fellow laywer’s site, the issue of quality is an absolute given, not only within branding of your message and knowledge but also out of respect to your peer and his readership – both literally being the end user of your content. So common sense and natural sounding and appearance within the content is the key.

Its all About the User

Linking back to authority sources, your own site or even the citation of sources should be done in as natural means as possible, when and where it belongs within the content, and where it can serve to establish or confirm a point in question that is being discussed. A case in point here, and which is specifically relevant to this very topic was handled in a Webmaster Hangout on August 17th, 2012 – and with specific reference to the time period spanning 11 to 11 minutes and 35 seconds. Would love to have any ideas or input on this in our comments section – what’s your take or opinion on this matter?

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