Running a Well-Oiled Legal Machine

Mchael Ehline at a desk at a law officeRunning a law firm is one of the most challenging things a young professional can do. On the one hand, learning and understanding so much of the law is not simple at all. On the other, it is tough to create and maintain a small business, especially as a young person. All of these make this situation very challenging but also rewarding.

We know exactly where you are coming. Below we used some of the info we learned over the years to guide you along in the process.

Understanding Your Business Model

In a report by experts from, they state that no two law firms are the same. Depending on experience, location, and more, there are a lot of factors to consider. However, many firms have similar goals and growth patterns. And this is where several common tropes help you grow similarly to others. You can click here to see Flagler Personal Injury Group as an example of how an ideal law firm looks like.

There are several significant uses of time that show the efficiency of a firm. For one, how much time gets spent in the courtroom versus outside. The extra care and time make a significant difference. More successful attorneys delegate administrative duties to others. I know that it’s hard to hire people right away or bring on partners as a young firm. You can view some of their cases here at However, the less time used “grinding” through tedious tasks, the more time is used working on the more essential ticket items. It also makes you more efficient as an attorney and as a professional. Such patterns will also build upon themselves, allowing you to grow in your career.

There are many factors beyond time in and out of court. However, many issues and efficiencies come straight from these first ideas.

Michael Ehline is the head attorney at the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, one of the leading personal injury and auto accident firms in California. He writes this column to help up and coming attorneys in their development.

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