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A Difficult Question for Firms of Any Size

Social media is the present. It also seems to be the future. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more offer a free outreach for firms of any size. Here is the great leveler. Even a small firm can get the same number of eyes on it as a major expensive one. In many ways, this is an opportunity and liability for firms. One wrong post could destroy a carefully crafted image. Also, here is a major chance to punch above your weight. However, many firms worry about whether it should run its social media. Some companies hire out other firms to do their work for them. However, this gets very expensive very fast. Also, handing over control to anyone outside of your office is a risk. Below we take a look at several options and pros and cons. To Switch or Not to Switch? There are several key aspects for you to consider: Cost. Your firm is likely on its way up without a lot of spare cash. Even a small, recurring bill adds up after a while. Also, it also could be done … [Read More...]

Considering the Size and Growth of Your Office

Your firm is only as strong as the people within it. Even the best law firms often fall prey to poor management. After all, "personnel is policy." Furthermore, such changes are often difficult and require extensive research or experience. Here is where we come in. We have an opportunity to share some of our experiences with you for a brighter future. Besides, below we have several critical tips for new firms. The Means are Simpler than You Think Digitization of Everything. So this is a major chance for your firm to join the modern age. Chances are you already use a PC or MAC, as well as an Android or iPhone. You're already halfway there! Major integrations between them make your office easier to run and more accessible to clients. Furthermore, some apps and other options like Google Docs and scannable PDF options a wonder for your staff. Many small firms outgrow their initial mission and have trouble growing properly. Sometimes this is a physical issue. Often the actual … [Read More...]

The Need for Modern Tech in a Modern World

Your firm is growing. Congrats! All of these major changes mean that your firm's focus also changes. Each one allows new opportunities and new challenges. However, if you prepare the right way you are ready for everything. One of the biggest examples is how your firm markets itself online. Print media is still around-- so are ads on bus stops and phone books. However, here is a golden chance in the modern world. Below we consider many changes easily made. Furthermore, if you have anything we should add, please reach out. A New Presence for Stronger Firms Establish current article content. This is done in multiple ways. This includes topics more relevant to current events and recent legal trends. If your content is old, then its traffic will reflect that. Build modern web content. Make sure that your content is written in more modern html codes. Utilize headers, hyperlinks, and other methods to take advantage of Google's crawlers. A modern SEO present is needed for modern … [Read More...]

Running a Well-Oiled Machine

Running a law firm is one of the most difficult things a young professional can do. On the one hand, learning and understanding so much of the law is not simple at all. On the other, it is tough to create and maintain a small business, especially as a young person. All of these make this situation very challenging but also rewarding. We know exactly where you are coming from. Below we used some of the info we learned over the years to guide you along in the process. Understanding Your Business Model No two law firms are the same. Depending on experience, location, and more, there are a lot of factors to consider. However, many firms have similar goals and growth patterns. This is where several common tropes help you grow similarly as others. There are several major uses of time that show the efficiency of a firm. For one, it is how much time is spent in the courtroom and outside of it. The extra care and time makes a major difference. More successful attorneys … [Read More...]

Vacaville Case May Shift Police Brutality Precedent

A Police Assault on a Senior at His Home The attack and injury on then-60 year old Nick Buckhalter at his home in September 2016 was astonishing. Vacaville police attacked the senior after hearing a screech of his tires at his home one night. A plainclothes police officer called in the information and within minutes police were on the scene. As a result of the incident, Mr. Buckhalter is suing the city, its police department, and those involved. Excessive Force and Arrest What should have been a relaxing drive out became a nightmare. Mr. Buckhalter was forced to sit on the ground and handcuffed against his will. Not only that, but one officer in plainclothes elbowed him. The vet warned the officers about his artificial shoulder-- and the tightly handcuffed him anyway. Officer Daniel Torres further charged Buckhalter with resisting arrest after the victim's hand snapped forward due to his artificial shoulder. The application of excessive force led to severe injury. In … [Read More...]