Why Circle of Legal Trust Members Should Read First and Plus Later

By Attorney Michael P. Ehline, Esq. It has been established that authorship status is the wave of the future.  As an author, your popularity is typically determined by who reads your article and how many times it is viewed. So in keeping with this concept, it makes sense that Google would reward an author who gets his documents read. Understanding this is easy, it just had not been noticed until now. When a search user reads an author tagged search result, for a specific period of time, then Google will add three more links to similar articles in his public authorship profile. These similar articles will be from the same author, whose link was originally clicked on. So if you do a search for your content site, Google will show your most recent article, in the top spot and include your authorship status, Google + information and avatar.

Read it Don’t Just Click it Man!

Clicking on the article in the search result and reading it, and then using the browsers back button apparently sends a signal that your a good author now. Google will respond by adding the new results. These results will be more by “your name”, with three more links to articles that have been written on your site.

We know you can’t always read it. But try and read some of the stuff you vote for. Don’t just be a zombie clicker. Remember that using the back button to soon, after clicking, will not give you the added extra links. Google weighs the amount of time spent on the site, to determine if the user enjoyed the article, when this time limit has been passed, the extra links will appear, when using the browsers back button.

Google was not letting the time they wait out for public consumption, but after a little testing, it appears to be about two minutes (See source infra). What they did say, was this is a part of the authorship features. So just clicking is cool, but it is not giving your friend all the benefits. It is also recorded in Webmaster Tools as a mere click, or an actual opened and read. So to avoid the appearance of a being a voting ring, you want to make sure you read the document, and click the back button. Got it?



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