Vacaville Case May Shift Police Brutality Precedent

A Police Assault on a Senior at His Home

The attack and injury on then-60 year old Nick Buckhalter at his home in September 2016 was astonishing. Vacaville police attacked the senior after hearing a screech of his tires at his home one night. A plainclothes police officer called in the information and within minutes police were on the scene. As a result of the incident, Mr. Buckhalter is suing the city, its police department, and those involved.

Excessive Force and Arrest

What should have been a relaxing drive out became a nightmare. Mr. Buckhalter was forced to sit on the ground and handcuffed against his will. Not only that, but one officer in plainclothes elbowed him. The vet warned the officers about his artificial shoulder- and the tightly handcuffed him anyway. Officer Daniel Torres further charged Buckhalter with resisting arrest after the victim’s hand snapped forward due to his artificial shoulder. The application of excessive force led to severe injury. In addition, it took place without probably cause. The victim’s attorneys, led by Constitutional defender Alan Beck, allege the officers’ actions were in bad faith and in “reckless disregard of Mr. Buckhalter’s federally protected constitutional rights.”

Furthermore, the actions of the officers that night led the vet to serious physical and emotional damage. Due to the assault, Mr. Buckhalter lost use of two of his fingers. He still feels pain from the incident today. He is saddled with a number of medical bills and trauma. Buckhalter has permanent shoulder damage from the incident.

There are many aspects to this case which interests legal scholars. A clear precedent formed revolving around the abuse of the victim’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights. He was not secure in his person from spurious arrest at his own home. In addition, the attack seems possibl racially motivated. The combination was a dangerous one and abused by the officers. Furthermore, the justice sought by Mr. Buckhalter will be a beacon for others abused by police.

This case is an interesting, yet saddening confluence of many factors. This includes malice, assault, battery, illegal arrest, and a wanton disrespect of a citizen’s Constitutional rights. The team of Beck, Yorkey, and Beekman are the best possible one to take it one. Their years of experience and knowledge of the case study is invaluable.

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