A Difficult Question for Firms of Any Size

Social media is the present. It also seems to be the future. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more offer a free outreach for firms of any size. Here is the great leveler. Even a small firm can get the same number of eyes on it as a major expensive one. In many ways, this is an opportunity and liability for firms. One wrong post could destroy a carefully crafted image. Also, here is a major chance to punch above your weight.

However, many firms worry about whether it should run its social media. Some companies hire out other firms to do their work for them. However, this gets very expensive very fast. Also, handing over control to anyone outside of your office is a risk. Below we take a look at several options and pros and cons.

To Switch or Not to Switch?

There are several key aspects for you to consider:

  • Cost. Your firm is likely on its way up without a lot of spare cash. Even a small, recurring bill adds up after a while. Also, it also could be done in-house for essentially nothing.
  • Control. Often, there are many questions over whether or not the third party has the same goals and ideas as your firm. Many law offices find that their staff has a better understanding of the future of the firm.
  • Expansion strategy. Consider both short and long-term needs. Sometimes the needs of fast growth are not as important as a long-term strategy. Every firm needs to keep these in mind.
  • Michael Ehline is a major auto liability and personal injury attorney in the state of California. He is the lead attorney of the Ehline Law Firm APLC, based out of Los Angeles. He writes this column as a means of spreading practical knowledge he learned in his decades in the field. Reach him at michael@ehlinelaw.com.

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