Problem Avoidance 101 for Attorneys and Social Media

Personal injury Lawyer, Michael Ehline

Attorney Michael Ehline in brown suit.

In many ways, social media has become a godsend for many business fields. The ease of communicating over vast distances and with hundreds or thousands of people has revolutionized the practice. Furthermore, varied forms of media, from sound to photos to videos has further enveloped consumers’ expectations.

When dealing with the still growing fields of electronic media and its relatives, it is important to remember that for every successful strategy there are many others that simply do not work. From experience and seeing the learning curve for other attorneys I wanted to offer a few pointers to let you know what to avoid.

When Social Media Can Hurt

Many people simply assume that a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account will automatically increase their credibility and name recognition. However, there are many cases where it simply can make things worse, especially if the potential customers see the effort as unprofessional or sloppy.

It is important to remember that all social media is not the same. There are many cases in which a Facebook or Twitter account cannot adequately express the full scope of services and skills your office has to offer in comparison with a full website or LinkedIn account.

Professionalism counts. Many firms simply do their social media marketing in house- and it often shows. This doesn’t mean that a full-on social media expert needs to work for your firm, but being able to share posts, pay for advertisements, and interconnect with other media is a must. Being unable to fully utilize your social media levers can make the difference between a dead and a lively Facebook page.

There are sometimes errors that every new firm undertakes when entering into the field of Tweets and Status Updates. That doesn’t mean that your firm needs to make any of those mistakes more than once. Good luck!

Michael Ehline is the lead attorney at Ehline Law, a Southern California firm specializing in personal injury and product liability law. A former Marine, Ehline feels a special obligation to assist attorneys entering into the field and their prospective clients.

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