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Personal Injury, Online MagazinesThe Circle of Legal Trust is an organization of attorneys who assist each other in understanding online search and in finding ethical means of internet promotion that comply with both State Bar guidelines and Google Quality Guidelines.  We are constantly looking for ways to help our members promote their practice areas in ways that provide good, quality information to both consumers and attorneys alike.

One of our latest projects is the Personal Injury Warriors Magazine.   In that many of our members are accident lawyers, we started this online publication as a means for these members to demonstrate their authority in this area of law by providing good, quality content that both persons injured in mishaps caused by negligence or other wrongdoing and other injury legal counsel will find useful.   For a look at our first edition, click here.

This first edition contains articles crossing a wide spectrum of injury claims from a great article on the latest federal legislation regarding injury claims on cruise lines from our president Michael Ehline to  a discussion of how attorneys can find liability and insurance coverage for intentional torts claims from attorney Steven Sweat.

We will be coming out with our second edition of the magazine within the next few weeks.  This second publication will focus on various procedural aspects of tort litigation including articles regarding discovery practices, pre-trial civil procedure, alternative dispute resolutinon and trial techniques.  If any personal injury practitioners are interested in submitting articles for review and possible placement in our magazine, they may feel free to contact Editor, Steven M. Sweat by email at  Articles should be 800-1200 words in length and should be regarding some aspect of civil procedure in the prosecution or defense of a personal injury claim.  The Circle of Legal Trust membership and the editors of the magazine reserve the right to edit any content and Personal Injury Warriors Magazine is the sole property of the Circle of Legal Trust.

Author Bio Steven M. Sweat is a personal injury attorney based in Los Angeles California, a full patched member of the Circle of Legal Trust and the Editor in Chief of Personal Injury Warriors Magazine.  For additional information on his practice go to .


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