Penguin, Lawyers and the New SEO Landscape

Lawyers Beware – The Penguins Are Coming

Legal sites and Penguin

Penguin for lawyers

The field of search engine optimization for lawyers has shifted rapidly over the last five years. Google’s continuous updates have changed the ability for businesses and legal sites to gain more traction. A significant trend has been for Google to look more closely at sites with mobile capabilities. Hence, this is increasing as much of the web is changing to HTML 5 and many sites are becoming more tablet-friendly.

For competitive legal websites, significant changes are coming. Google’s new Penguin update will have grave consequences for many of the traditional SEO routes. For one, a site will face a severe penalty if it has links coming to it from sources considered spam. At this rate, many of the existing links to many firm’s sites will become not only worthless but a liability. Thus, to predicate your site’s traffic on such inward coming links means it is important to consider how to make changes.

Google’s Search Console has been helpful for years in determining how your site is ranked and why. Hence, this remains a crucial tool in determining how Google handles indexing the site. On the Search Console website owners can improve the visibility of their sites. There are relatively easy steps, including publishing their sitemap and variations on their URL address.

You can also research the search tools that visitors use to find your site. Make sure that your site has no significant crawling or script errors. Google My Business is also a factor in how site site ranks. It appears that Google takes information from the site, including reviews and other factors for its algorithms.

Google is making it more and more clear that it actively discourages paying for links. It has gone out of its way to penalize sites that pay for link traffic and it appears that that trend will accelerate. Links remain a central part of building up a website’s profile. Consequently, it is clear that with the changes, how it this is achieved must be carefully be considered.

Working on links to major websites, including news organizations and professional sites can make a critical difference. The Penguins are coming. The further you create artificial links the more Google will clamp down on you. Take the above approach to preparing for how Penguin will affect your site and your firm. Joining the Circle of Legal Trust affords some protection, as you will have lawyers linking to you if your content is good and you are trusted.

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