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A flowchart of three arrows and words representing customer lifecycling, with the words Prospects, Customers, Advocates, symbolizing the process of turning a pr

A flowchart of three arrows and words representing customer lifecycling, with the words Prospects, Customers, Advocates, symbolizing the process of turning a pr

The legal profession is more competitive than ever and, in today’s competitive legal marketplace, law firms need to build a recognizable brand identity and maintain a positive professional reputation to stay competitive. That’s why it is vitally important for your law firm to have an efficient and cost effective method for keeping the world informed about your expertise and your ability to produce results for your clients. That’s where NEWSLINE360 comes in.

NEWSLINE360 is a ground-breaking marketing and PR content management system that becomes a central hub for all of the news and information you want to get to the business community, your clients and the general public. Their easy to use tools enable your marketing team to build a professionally designed, media rich online newsroom that becomes part of your website.

This is what journalists have been asking for so they have access to the kind of news and information that helps them produce great coverage about the legal profession. – Iwasaki


NEWSLINE360 newsrooms are more than just passive online newsrooms that people have to search out to find. They are followable and they are fully integrated with social media, so that when you post information to your newsroom, it will be sent automatically to people who follow your newsroom or visit your social media sites. What’s more, the information you post on your newsroom is great for SEO, so your firm will be much more visible on the web.

NEWSLINE360™ does the hard part—it auto-builds your newsroom. You simply have to use the straightforward online interface to create and post information to it. Posts can include articles, press releases, blog posts, image posts, video posts, sound files and attachments. The stylish newsrooms are easy to navigate, professionally designed and rich with media. You can post high-quality photos, images, video, audio and documents such as PDFs, Word docs and PowerPoint presentations.

Whenever you create and publish a post to your newsroom, several great things happen.

  • Followers of your newsroom are updated (we’ll show you how to build a community of followers for your newsroom).
  • Your information is made available to search engines for increased online exposure.
  • Our Media Desk dashboard for journalists, researchers and bloggers is updated
  • Journalists who are NEWSLINE360 Media Members and who cover the legal profession and other related issues will be notified about your newsroom. They can check it out and choose to become followers of your newsroom.
  • As new media members register with us, your newsroom, as long as it matches their interests, will be displayed as a newsroom of interest for them to follow.
  • Your firm’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and so on) are also updated automatically.
  • Your newsroom will be displayed as a tab on your Facebook page.

Your firm can publish and unlimited number of posts, and include all kinds of information—whatever helps build your brand identity and professional reputation. All of this can be yours for a monthly subscription of only $59 (special rate). It’s easily affordable and provides you with a very effective, ground breaking way to market your firm and strengthen your professional reputation.

No More Newsletters

Your NEWSLINE360 newsroom will be even better than a monthly or quarterly newsletter because you can provide rich content and your followers will receive your news any time you post and publish it.

For more information about NEWSLINE360, check out their website at or send an email to They’ll be happy to tell you more and answer any and all of your questions.


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