Hey Lawyers Keep It Simple – For Readers and The SE’s

By Andre van Wyk

To all the legal advocates, trying to get the word out about the latest case law, legal controversy, etc. Opening my email this morning, there was an update on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, and more specifically entitled “We created a first steps cheat sheet for friends & family“. This sort of got my attention as it seemed to be more of one of those sales emails you get from the various Internet Marketing “gurus” or so called experts – because honestly “cheat sheet” and “Google” very seldom, at least successfully, go together in the same sentence – or do they?

So I opened the post and there was a two paragraph entry with a link to the pdf below. My first thought was “duh” – but let’s think about it, how many of us follow the basics or even keep it simple. Rather we try and add get as much value out of our descriptions, images of victims, courts, clients, snippets of a controversy, or whatever by over describing, or even complicating issues. Granted this post is aimed at the “beginner level” webmaster – the real take away here is that these are best practices for user experience, readers of your site / posts, as well as the search engines.

If you want to take your attorney webmaster knowledge further, have a look at Google’s Webmaster Academy, available through Webmaster Tools.

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