Joe Mas takes the Award for 2016 for Best Speaker

Best Speaker award, COLT 2016

Best Speaker award, COLT 2016

Last year, it was Chris Dreyer who took best speaker at our 2015 Trust Con. Here is his award below.  This is a pretty coveted award, since it can only be awarded by a vote of the Circle of Legal Trust executive committee. Dreyer hit it out of the park last year, but this year it had to be Joseph Mas. Chris Dreyer Award

This is because Mas had an amazing slide show and presentation that we have never seen, and his concise examples and explanations dealing with schema markup are perhaps the single most important necessities right now for both small and large firms.


Mind you Dreyer helped as a sounding board, and we had a great round table, but Joe brings energy and enthusiasm to a lot of burned out guys who have been smitten by the Panda and the Penguin. It wasn’t an easy vote, but after going back and forth, it had to be Joe. If you are having issues understanding JSON, Schema, or simply want to work with a first class coder who treats you with respect, Joe is your man. Check him out at Razor Rank. 877.795.2975.

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