Survey: What Do Negligence Lawyers Think Their Clients Want Most?

By injury lawyer, Anthony Castelli – Recently I asked a question of injury lawyers about what was it that their clients wanted from them besides results. Of course for people wrongfully injured by the fault of another a bodily injury attorney’s mission is to make their client whole by getting them full and fair money damages.  That is by putting as much money in the injury victim’s hands as possible whether this is by settlement, lawsuit or a full blown jury trial.


People Hurting Want And Deserve More Than Money From Their Counselors

A lawyer representing injury victims must be prepared to be an attorney and counselor at law. If you really want to build your practice you must address the many needs that your client has that are separate and apart from just getting them money. Someone seriously harmed by the carelessness of others  face issues such as loss of income to pay their bills, uncertainty as to what their future holds, unrelenting pain, doctors that look at them as lawsuit happy instead of victims embarrassed and even depressed because of the plight their injuries have caused them.

No one asks for a serious injury . Ask any client with a failed back surgery, or a shatterred arm, or amputed hand whether they prefer a big settlement and they will tell you that they would just like their life back. But lawyers can not provide that. Therefore you must attend to you clients emotional needs. Walk a mile in your clients shoes. You must be of service to the whole person.


What Are Accident Victims Greatest Needs 

The exact question I posed out in the Google Plus world was:

Please help me list the top 3 things your client wants from you. What are their greatest needs.

Attorney Mitch Jackson response was:

1. Help with getting their past and future medical bills and loss of earnings paid.
2.  Help with interfacing and dealing with obnoxious insurance claims adjusters.

3.  Having someone who they can talk to and someone who they know is on their side and will hep make everything OK.

(1) Return Calls timely;
(2) Ask how they feel physically and show concern;
(3) Be a friend, not just a stuffed suit.
1. To be available by phone or at least return the call within a reasonable period of time.
2. Help them deal with outstanding medical bills
.3. Move the case along rather than letting it sit.
These answers come from great counselors at law with great law practices. Why. Because they view their clients as a folks who need more than money. They offer compassion. They offer their clients a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. They offer genuine care and concern.  And their practices grow because satisfied clients refer them other people. 
Anthony Castelli is a Cincinnati, Ohio personal injury trial lawyer. And a proud member of COLT
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