How Videos Get To Page 1 On Google Organic Search

Would you like to get a video you created to page 1 on Google in organic search? I pretty much stumbled and bumbled (as Cris Berman would say) onto this. Remember I’m talking about organic search and not search under videos.

                   Create Your Own You Tube Channel

The first thing you need to do is create a youtube channel. Your channel name should include what you want to be found for as well as your name. I called my page Anthony Castelli Cincinnati Ohio Personal Injury Attorney. The actual link to the page is

Then you need to file out your profile. You should include you domain name link and your maps information. And you want to include information on what you do. Below is part of what I put in. You can certainly improve upon it. You will also note there is a place to add links and connect your Google plus profile.


About Anthony Castelli Cincinnati Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

8170 Corporate Park Drive

Cincinnati Ohio personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli attorney is an auto car truck accident and personal injury trial lawyer. His web site offers free articles and reports on Ohio personal injury claims, workers compensation and motorcycle accidents and social security disability. … Learn about your rights as a car accident injury victim and how much your case may be worth.


or toll free1-800-447-6549.


 Create Some Videos That Solve a Problem For your Client or Educate Them

Next create some videos that solve a problem for a client, or answer a question or educate them on how you solved a problem for your client. You can hire a professional to come in to take 5-10 videos. They can edit them and send you a link. Then you download them to your computer. Now you have your content that no one can take away from you. Upload your video to youtube and fill out the Description in as well as add tags. The title of your video is critical as that seems to be the way Google picks you up in search. Not a unique idea by Google.You can even type up a transcript of your video.

In the description lead with a naked url and you can also embed links in the description. Also include a call to action if you care to in the description.  You can also upload your video to other services such as Vimeo and metacafe. There are hundreds to choose from.

You also want to write a blog post about your video and have the video embedded in the post. You want people to be able to actually see the video not just the link. But it does not hurt to include the link. On your  video click on the share button and use the long link if possible for consistency.

Also make a playlist(s) that is similar in name to your video. For instance if you have created 3 videos about wrongful death, I might title one video Wrongful Death Damages in Ohio by a Cincinnati Attorney. My playlist could be  Cincinnati Wrongful Death Attorney Fatal Injury.

  Create Some Natural Links and Get Folks To Subscribe To Your Channel

You want some links to your Channel, your playlist and your video. With time you will see that your video is picked up, sometimes mysteriously. Also you want people to subscribe to your channel. The first video I did was an explanation of my web page and was embedded on my home page. So put it out on twitter, google plus, your blogs.

How many of you answer questions on AVVO? You can add a link(s) after your answer. For some reason I think the most critical thing is get that video embedded on a quality site or blog. Your own is fine.

 Clickable Overlays

Take a look at what Google says about clickable overlays . You now have to do the overlays trough Google adwords. You can create hundreds of targeted views if you like for 2 cents . Or you can skip paying and create the overlays. Embedded below is a video I created with a clickable overlay. You can direct people to where ever you like.

The question in your mind may be “where can you find it?” Try “I was hurt in a car wreck in Cincinnati” or Ohio. It should come up in organic search I hope.


The Best Video Course For Learning Youtube

The folks that come around the Circle of Legal Trust all have something to contribute and learn. After all we are practicing injury lawyers for the most part. If you want a simple inexpensive course on creating Youtube videos and getting them seen then I highly recommend James Wedmore and his Video Traffic Academy course. It’s easily understandable and you will really learn tips that you can put into practice.

Are Educational Videos The Way To Show You Are Likeable Trustwothy and Competent

Recently I have been experimenting with video that has a link to another page where content valuable to a harmed consumer can be downloaded. The idea ultimately is that they will know , like, trust , see me as capable of getting results and hire me. But there are other ways to do that as “Educational marketing” has almost reached a saturation point.

So this is the part where I give homage to the little king. Everyone knows the big King is Elvis. But the little king is someone that I have come to know, like and trust and see as extremely competent and results driven . Here’s to by bad ass biker brother. Soul shake and all.










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