Considering the Size and Growth of Your Office

Your firm is only as strong as the people within it. Even the best law firms often fall prey to poor management. After all, “personnel is policy.” Furthermore, such changes are often difficult and require extensive research or experience. Here is where we come in. We have an opportunity to share some of our experiences with you for a brighter future.

Besides, below we have several critical tips for new firms.

The Means are Simpler than You Think

  • Digitization of Everything. So this is a major chance for your firm to join the modern age. Chances are you already use a PC or MAC, as well as an Android or iPhone. You’re already halfway there! Major integrations between them make your office easier to run and more accessible to clients. Furthermore, some apps and other options like Google Docs and scannable PDF options a wonder for your staff.
  • Many small firms outgrow their initial mission and have trouble growing properly. Sometimes this is a physical issue. Often the actual office is not necessary for the needs of a modern office. Some firms utilize a virtual office with virtual or offsite secretaries and paralegals. This sharing gives the company flexibility, often at a much lower price.
  • Remembering your audience. Your clients often need a physical office to talk and feel comfortable. Others have no problems doing all of their business over the phone. It all depends on the person. Altogether, there are many things to consider. However, the wants and needs of your clients should be near the top. They make your success possible!
  • Michael Ehline is the lead attorney of the Ehline Law Firm APLC of Southern California. Ehline is a key legal expert in auto liability and cruise ship accidents. He writes this column as a means of educating new attorneys and including clients. Reach him at

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