Business Social Facebook Signals: Don’t just “Like” a page! Engage the page!

David Slepkow Attorney

By David Slepkow - In my opinion, lawyers who are not direct competitors or are in different markets can help each other’s SEO, Clout and Social Signals by sharing good law related posts, commenting, interacting, discussing and liking good original content. This is not a trading “likes” scheme if your not just blanket voting, and instead actually reading and culling the documents. Google knows the pages that get opened and those that are just voted upon. So if your are in a ring of voters who just courtesy vote you, and you them, all the time, this can easily establish the footprint of a “voting ring“, which Google considers voting rings to be a linking scheme (read more.)

Create a Natural Digital Footprint

So if you genuinely are reading the materials you just voted up, Google records the click through to the site, and the bounce rate (learn more), and sees if your voter actually read what they voted for, and how long and and if they clicked through to another page. It is looking at your online digital footprint (learn more.) Google also has the ability to do the same thing on other platforms such as Facebook, and even Twitter. Google actually records this type of inf for Google Plus in Webmaster Tools (learn more.)

Google Can Easily Spot Fake Vote

Many lawyers who are busy, may try and create groups in order to get votes, like the forum and blog “voting rings” in the old days. In fact, Google actually removes what it considers to be fake votes (read more), which is clear evidence that is is tracking your social profile behavior, and those who vote for you. Google knows that you lawyers can buy votes, and likely looks at these reciprocal voting rings with the same scrutiny. So only liking a lawyer’s Facebook business page, is like going to a party and dropping off a gift and then taking off. It is somewhat counterproductive! Some would consider it rude. Many people would say it is just poor social skills!

Stick Around and Stay Awhile

When you visit a good informational law related or attorney Facebook page, for example- stay a while,  get to know the guests and have a couple of drinks. Give your business card to a few new acquaintances. Take a few party favors home. Perhaps meet someone new?

Do not just “like” a lawyer’s Facebook page BLOW IT UP, interact  and ENGAGE the page! CREATE A Roadmap FOR OTHERS TO FIND YOUR PAGE!

  1. It is important to like the page from your Personal and Business page (only personal page “likes” count on official tallies!)
  2. Post 2 or three links to blogs/ websites you own or good original content you authored (These are great backlinks and will create a roadmap for other lawyers to look at these posts and share with their attorney friends)
  3. If you find good original relevant legal posts  then like some posts (This also creates a roadmap to remind other lawyers to go to your page. )
  4. If you find content that is beneficial to your Facebook Audience then share some good related posts to your Facebook pages. This is a no brainer. This is easy content!
  5. If you find some good law related content than consider tweeting or posting on LinkedIN.
  6. Look for other Top lawyers who posted or liked the page and go to their pages and do the same
  7. Comment on a couple of posts (This creates more social signals and more roadmaps)

All of these Social Signals send a message to the other lawyers and visitors to do the same to your page! These steps will help you practitioners get maximum benefit out of Facebook!

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