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COLT LawyersWhile nearly every law firm has a website now, t here is still a substantial disconnect regarding the scope of such a site and how it should be run. Many firms simply outsource the task resulting in the most bare-bones, boring site imaginable. There is little interactivity or navigability with respect to site architecture as well. Content used to be king, along with a lot of great backlinks. Now great content is just part of the ranking brain game. In the age of Google and discerning clients, more effort is needed.

You may ask yourself what you can do. You’re busy as it is and you’re probably not a web developer. The chances that you have one on staff is low. Regardless, there are concrete steps that you can take to ensure a stronger web footprint.

Not as Hard as You Think

  • Utilize Social Media– Some of your strongest work for your site doesn’t have to be on its pages at all. In fact, a large amount of traffic comes straight from Twitter and Facebook pages. Both are free to set up and easy to manage. I’ve written about this before and have articles in the archives about increasing your presence.
  • Update and Upgrade– It’s not as hard to work on your site as you think. While it can be useful to have a web developer on staff, most firms don’t have that luxury. In your spare time and using your expertise make sure that your site is constantly updated. Don’t leave old addresses, cases, and phone numbers on the site.
  • Write Your Experiences– This can help drive traffic and bolster your well-rounded image. Find a way on your site, a side blog, LinkedIn, or Facebook to blog your experiences in and out of the firm. Show how you’ve helped clients and the community through your efforts. This can build up your visibility on Google and help drive traffic to your other sites.

You may be able to build such a presence in just minutes a day! Often web ads will be work more than any traditional type of communication and cost a fraction of the price.

Michael Ehline is the lead attorney for the Ehline Law Firm PC. He is a former Marine that read the law in the manner of Abraham Lincoln. He hopes to use his experience to aid up and coming attorneys.

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