Branding for Attorneys and Law Firms 101

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Creating a particular public image for your firm is not as easy as it may seem. Some people call themselves motorcycle lawyers. Others call themselves “cruise ship attorneys.” Of course, we know them to be pi attorneys as we are in the field.

But to consumers, if you associate a name with a concept, or product, voila, that is the brand. So we have Michael Ehline, “The Motorcycle Rider’s Friend.” In this example, we almost see a picture of Colonel Sanders on a bucket of KFC. We forever associate fried chicken with that trademark face. In the same we, we see Michael Ehline helping injured riders in court.

In any event, there are many cases in which practices that do not adequately brand themselves. Often these problems are characterized by factors or people out of their control. Any wrong moves and a firm can be blacklisted in the minds of the public for years even unbeknownst to the partners.

Setting the bar is the duty of each new firm, and is often an overlooked part of building an establishment. There’s much more to the success of your firm than your JD and a shingle on your door. Read below to find out more on how to succeed in creating a presence in the mind of potential clients.

Marketing Yourself and Your Skills.

Many firms don’t realize that the lead attorney or the partners are the top billing. Every aspect of their role in the firm is a major factor in their success. Does the lead attorney present himself or herself as a professional and reliable figure? What is the first word that people think of when they look at a photo of them? What has been their highest-profile case so far? Has it built a reputation for winning and honesty?

Part of this reputation can be built through traditional media. There will always be photo ads of attorneys on buses and the back of phone books. There will always be TV and radio commercials for a 1-800 law firm. Since there are so many of these ads already in the universe, there are several factors that potential clients key in on. These include how much emphasis is placed on honesty, reliability, and the importance of service over money. This could be your means of creating that image of yourself that the people around you see.

Using Media.

Furthermore, you can also use the vast array of new media sources to further build such a record. You may be able to interlink your main website to social media and your use of traditional media. Altogether it is up to you and your team to build the type of message you can be proud of and build upon in the future.

Michael Ehline, is the lead attorney for the Los Angeles based auto accident experts at Ehline Law. His years of experience in the field are compounded with time served in the United States Marine Corps where he learned the value of duty and loyalty. Ehline hopes that these columns can be used by freshly minted attorneys to better serve their firms and future clients.

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