Best Lawyer Videos Part II – Negligence and SSDI Law

YouTubeAdding video to your attorney website , blog, or as a stand alone is another piece in the puzzle of attorney marketing. Wh at is really remarkable is when you see it in organic search. The previous blog post looked at two videos and requested comments. My overall comment is that you need to tell a story of how you solved a client’s problem or you need to give something of value. And do it in two minutes or less.

Currently I have developed videos that have links to an offer of free content. I am trying to optimize these videos to come up organically. One of the ideas behind this concept is to capture emails that you can drip out follow up messages. My confession is that I have not built in any automatic email follow up. So I flunk list building 101.  The other concept is that your content will cause you to be seen as an authority figure that can be trusted.

Here are three of the pieces that have been produced with the help of a professional source. The videos were shot by a friend videographer and a professional was employed to create the graphics and “sqeeze pages.” They are works in progress and I would appreciate any constructive criticism.


Car Accident Attorney Cincinnati Ohio – Download the 2012 Car Accident Attorney Hiring Guide


Cincinnati Personal injury Lawyer Settling Your Ohio Injury at What Cost


Cincinnati Social Security Disability Attorney – Download FREE Questionnaire for Your Doctor


What about these videos do you like? What would you add? What did I do wrong? What do you see missing? And what do I really care what a bunch of lawyers say. It’s not that I do not value your ideas I do. But just as we use jury research on cases by bringing in Joe citizen maybe we should develop a day at one of our hangouts where we ask the public to come and critique one or two videos.  Just a thought.

A Gift For You

Apart from asking for help we are all about giving help. So here are three links for your enjoyment and further study on marketing in general and video marketing for the legal profession in particular. Two are videos (my recent favorites) and one is an inventive website.


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