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By Andre van Wyk. Google provides a number of resources easily accessible to take advantage of what is being searched for on the internet, and more so from a more targeted perspective when con sidering content that can be generated around the Semantic Keyword strategies.

According to the defintion is provided below:

Semantic Definition

“Pertaining to or arising from” being key to our efforts here. Let us take a look at a basic search in Google for the search term Car Accident. Naturally there are a wide range of search results, but if we scroll down to the bottom of the search results page we encounter what G refers to as “Searches related to car accident“, see below:

Google related search

Within those results we are already presented with three more specifically related keywords that can be used to create ‘smarter’ content (refer to this link for additional options using the Google External Keyword option).

Going back to the above image and selecting those terms highlighted for the PI attorney and exploring the 3 highlighted terms, we can get additional items and subjects to write about.


more keywords

Even more keywords

Additionally providing a range of topics that can be spoken about, discussed, covered etc on your blog or site, the above also provides the keywords for additional research within the SEO process of getting targeted visitors to your site, in addressing some of these issues that prospective clientele may be looking to address.

The search engine journal provides an excellent insight into researching these related, semantically and thematically, options that can be explored, as well as very valid input and resources from the SEOMoz Blog on this subject.

Semantic KW Research Tools

Google External Keyword Tool
Google Insights for Search
Google Search and Advanced Search
Wordtracker (
Market Samurai

There are a number of other tools not mentioned here, and many people have their preferred tools, however the above are mostly free to use and form the basis of a solid foundation in looking for related terms, themes and related matter that can be incorporated within your content creation.

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